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Embroidery is a great solution for short run items with multi color artwork because pricing is based by stitch count versus per color. It is also great for corporate items that need that professional image. Embroidery is durable and keeps its vibrant color over time and washings.

Embroidery starts with the artwork for your design being digitized. This is the process of converting a two-dimensional design into stitches. This process puts the design into a format whereby our embroidery machines can sew your design in different threads colors onto your garment. The specific thread colors (we have over forty to choose from) are manually loaded into our machines once we’ve created the digitized file of your design and the garment is placed in a special hoop and loaded into the machine. Using the special design file, the machines sew the design in a particular color sequence.

Please keep in mind that like other print processes, embroidery has limitations. Your submitted artwork is converted into stitches. Solid color artwork and logos, such as vector artwork, work better than images with blends or photographic images. Lettering should not be less than 1/4 inch tall. Outlines should be larger than 1/8 of an inch. Not following these guidelines may produce less than desirable results.
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