Welcome to Union Press. Your source for all screen printing needs. We  specialize in custom screen printed t-shirts. Every job large or small, one color or six color is handled with great attention to detail.

We use only premium products and inks, so your shirts will look their best and are stay looking great.  All of our inks and cleaning supplies are "greener" eco friendly products. We offer our services at low prices with premium customer service and quick turnaround.

Artwork services are available and we are always happy to work with you and your ideas to make your final product look it's best. 

Remember you first concert T-shirt? T-shirts are the best and most cost-effective way to promote your band, business, team or shop. A lasting memory of reunions, weddings, parties, tournaments or any event. 

We started our company as a client. Beginning as a retail store and clothing line owner, we were simply frustrated with the process of getting a quality screen printed product. Prices were always too high, and sales people sometimes a little too pushy. It always seemed like the monster factories just couldn't see the actual artistry in the T-shirt, just their profits. We cut out the middle-man, produced our own products and finding many people in the same place as us, we opened our press to the public.

We are here to help you, and want your screen printing experience to be a friendly, not frustrating experience. We strive to be the company you trust and come back to for all your screen printing needs. Contact Union Press today and let us work for you.

Join our Mailing List and  take advantage of special offers, discounts and news for our members. T-shirts also make great gifts for the holidays and are perfect for fundraisers. Let us help make your next event a success.  We work with you and your budget.

*We are proud to be a Union company and offer many USA and Union Made products. DC3 Local 820* 

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